Friday, June 29, 2012

Dallas, Texas, Here He Comes!

Jackson received his mission call today! It came early in the day while he was working. I tried calling him but his phone wasn't working so I drove by his work to tell him his call was waiting for him at home. We invited the fam over for pizza and ice cream and to hear the big news. First, we all guessed where we thought he would go. Noah, my 8-year-old guessed Texas! I think we were all surprised; I really thought he would to to South America. My sister- -in law got video of him opening the call so I'll post it when she sends it to me tomorrow.

So as far as the contest goes- we said that immediate family (parents/siblings) were not eligible so the next closest is- Elise J, Jack's friend from his BYU freshman ward, who guessed that he would go to Texas! I think she guessed via Facebook and he has already notified her that she is the big winner! So Elise J, please send me your address and we will get your package in the mail soon! I promise you it will have Mike and Ikes (Jack's favorite candy), probably some other candy, something Batman related, and a bunch of other fun stuff!
 It was fun to see where everyone guessed that he would go. Most people guessed foreign- everything from Korea to Australia. I think this will be great for him and he is somewhat relieved to be staying in the US. I am kind of relieved too although from what I hear, Texas is kind of it's own culture anyway!

Some details- Dallas TX mission includes a little part of Western Arkansas and some of Southern Oklahoma, plus greater Dallas area and a big chunk surrounding it. The current mission president is the son of Ben's (Jack's dad) MTC president, who was also my teacher for at least religion class that I took at BYU, including missionary prep class. Jack has a great uncle who lives in Dallas with his family and both of Ben's maternal grandparents are from Oklahoma. So, kind of interesting! Neither Jack nor any of my kids have ever been to TX, other than the airport, and I have never been there either. My sister Annie and her family live in TX also, although not in the Dallas, TX mission. Maybe I will see if the old 80's show "Dallas" is on Netflix!!

We had a fun night hanging out with the family and then my sis in law and I took Jack to my new favorite fro yo place in Lexington. Jack is set to report to the MTC on October 3rd. I am relieved that we get a few more months with him! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guess for our little contest, it was fun and now all the wondering is over!


ellen said...

He'll have a BIG mission in Texas!!! Congrats, Elder Beutler!

Kate said...

That is so exciting!My neighbor just came back from a Texas mission and LOVED it! Congrats to you all!

Amy said...

So exciting! Maybe he'll cross paths with the Thorntons!

Sharla said...

That is so awesome! I can't believe I missed the contest :(, but that is awesome that he will be so close to us... we are in fort worth, right next to the dallas mission! It would be great to know where he ends up serving ... maybe we would try to say hi :). I just can't believe he's that old already... I had him in primary!!
What a great young man!

Colleen Bigler said...

Elisabeth - I'm in shock that Jackson is old enough to be going on a mission. I'm picturing him at .. oh, 14 or 15! My goodness, where does the time go? So glad Peggy 'friended' me on FB over the weekend. I'd love to reconnect - please send me a friend request - Colleen Norton Bigler. Brianna and her family live in McKinney which is about 30 miles north of Dallas. I can't wait to tell her Jack is coming down there. They will keep an eye out for him. Amazing!