Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 5

I don't want to talk about it!! Today was going well, had first two smoothies and two snacks of fruit. Then I made cheeseburger mac and cheese for the fam, and I just couldn't resist so I ate some- a kids sized bowl but still not exactly on the all fruit and veg diet! (btw, this mac and cheese recipe was awesome, you cook the noodles in the milk and then add cheese. That's it! One pot, no butter or flour and it was yummy)
I really felt like I needed a treat so instead of the carrot herb shake I was supposed to have I made a banana, choc chip, coconut milk, frozen yogurt and natural peanut butter smoothie. It was awesome! I'm not saying it was health food, but at least a little healthier version of a treat. Anyway, I think I just needed some real food and I will go back the next 2 days and finish strong. Yes! If I had lost more weight I probably wouldn't have caved so bad but it's hard to be so strict and then feel like it's not having much effect. I was hoping for 3-4 lbs, to get into the 120's but at this rate I'll be lucky if I lose 2 lbs. Oh well, it was a good experiment and made me feel really good.
   I think at the end of the 7 days I will still drink one protein smoothie/day and try to eat salad one meal, and one normal healthy meal. I just pinned a bunch of vegetarian and healthy low calorie recipes to try. Tomorrow- back to the fruits and veggies only- two days to go. I think I can make it!


ellen said...

You are inspiring!

Johnson Family said...

I've been keeping up on what's going on with this diet. Good luck, only 2 more days. Another thing that can help is taking measurements too at the beginning. Sometimes you don't notice weight changes, but you do notice measurement changes.

I'll be anxious to hear how you feel after the week is over. :)