Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 3

Well, I am still hanging in there. Had a couple of tough moments craving real food, especially carbs, today. The late afternoon is always the time when I feel like snacking and am most tempted to eat treats and stuff. The other thing that is hard is cooking dinner that I'm not going to eat. Today I took some juicy cooked chicken thighs out of the oven and it was all I could do to not just start chowing down on them! I actually dreamed last night about making super crispy fried chicken and starting to eat it and someone being like- you can't have that! and me thinking to myself- but I want it so BAD! Pretty sad when you are dreaming of fried meats!

The first two smoothies I had today were really yummy- one was mango with coconut milk and shredded coconut and lime juice, and the other one was apricots with almond butter, crushed almonds and apple juice.  I cheated a little and ate an extra tablespoon of almond butter because it tasted so good and made me feel full and not starving! I don't think I've ever had almond butter before this but I'll definitely have it in sandwiches after this. Tonight I had a vegetable drink with tomatoes and tomato juice, red pepper, and parsley. It wasn't bad! That is my biggest surprise- that I don't mind the veggie drinks at all.

The other thing I wanted to mention is how clean and calm my stomach, etc. is feeling. I really thought that this whole situation might give me some major stomach upset- all that fiber and stuff I'm not used to eating so much of. But actually my stomach has been more settled than usual, which leads me to wonder- what am I normally eating that upsets it? Not that I have major issues, but I'm just curious what it is that usually causes my normal minor digestive upsets after I eat- is it the dairy, is it the wheat? May have to do some experimentation when this is done to figure that out.

I also do feel pretty energetic, I think the protein powder makes a noticeable difference in that department. I don't feel tired and sluggish after eating and in the late afternoon especially.
Today I did my just under one hour walk, and my other excercises. It doesn't really work for me to do it 2x/day most of the time so hopefully that's fine. I don't really feel like I'm getting any smaller so I may have to step up the workout a little bit. Maybe it's time to go back to my Jillian Michael's dvds. Tomorrow I am going over to my sister's to weigh in (I don't even own a scale) so we'll see if I've actually lost any poundage. Keep your fingers crossed!

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