Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Fun

Cousins at the Primary egg hunt at church

My little gal and Grammie hunting for eggs in the pouring rain!

My kids dyeing their eggs Friday night

The adult table at my mom's house

The big kids' table

Tons of yummy food!

Don't you wish you had a nice brother like this?!

We had a really fun Easter weekend including three different egg hunts (one in the pouring rain), singing in the choir, making homemade rolls and Jello eggs, lots of great food and fun with family and friends. All the boys in my family got plaid shorts in their Easter baskets. We were lucky that even though Saturday was cold and rainy, we woke up Sunday to beautiful sunshine and flowers blooming everywhere!


nanapeggy said...

Looks like Easter was a great success. Ours was very quiet. Duncan got to hunt eggs that Aubree and Kyler hid. Our numbers were few. We miss you all.

nanapeggy said...

Love that pink dress and those cute pink shoes. Glad they still fit.