Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mom and Dad's House

On Christmas afternoon we went over to my parents to hang out with the rest of the fam and open presents and have dinner. The kids always have a lot of fun with their cousins.

Dad got nose flutes and kazoos for everyone (why, I couldn't tell you!)

This kid was actually really good at nosefluting and even took it to church the next day and was nosefluting along with the organ (until I told him to stop).
Well, I think this is my last Christmas post- finally. We had a fun New Year's Day too and had a bunch of friends over for our traditional brunch of abelskievers (Danish puffy pancakes). I was so busy cooking though that I forgot to take any pictures. The holidays were nice and I'm kind of sad that they're over, but kind of relieved too! It will be nice for things to calm down a little for a while.
Hope you all had a nice Christmas season also.