Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ward Christmas Party

Last weekend was our annual ward Christmas brunch.

This kid earned a dollar for sitting on Santa's lap (from my mom, not me!)

My little gal loves to get up and sing with the primary kids, regardless of whether or not she knows the words. She just likes to get up there!
In two weeks she will be out of nursery and officially be a Sunbeam. She hasn't really been a baby for a while, but for me that kind of makes it official. Boo hoo.
The kids learned the sign language for "Silent Night" and performed it really well.

She's not at all afraid to get up on stage and sing, but she's really nervous about Santa! This was a big improvement over last year where she had to be taken out of the room crying when Santa came in. She sat on his lap, but didn't crack a smile. Later she told me that was just her old nursery teacher pretending to be Santa. I asked her how she knew and she said "his voice." Then she told me the real Santa only comes on Christmas Eve with presents!

I think she just did it for the candy cane.

The other ward did some really cool decor for their party that they left up for us.

How cute is this kid?

My 14-yr-old has become the favorite ward babysitter.

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Sweetpea said...

Can he come babysit for me? Seriously, send him over this summer. I'll put him to work.