Sunday, December 26, 2010

More Christmasy Little Girl's Room

I saw this glittery teal and silver trees on a blog- maybe Cluck, Cluck, Sew?- and thought they were so cute, but it was from Hobby Lobby which we don't have around here. So, I told Nana in AZ about them and she was nice enough to send one to us! My little girl's room was the perfect place to put it. I hung some clear glass star and angel ornaments on it and I LOVE how they look (they're from Ikea this year). Towards the top we clipped a little silver star.

Here is her little bedside table that I rescued and painted white. I'll share some better pics of it with before and after sometime soon.

On Christmas Eve I found an extra string of white lights laying around and strung them around this side of the room. I stuck the end of the lights inside the mini doll house to make it glow.

There are several things, like this little pink plaque that really never had a good place to go before. It's fun to have a place to decorate with pink!

I'll probably expand on this next year but it was a fun impromptu project to make her room a little festive just a couple of days before the BIG day. I think she had fun going to bed in there on Christmas eve.
I'm still working on her room, I have an old-fashioned wooden bed to paint for it that I think is going to be really adorable when it's done. I'm also contemplating the dresser paint color- white or green. Then I have a ton of fabric to make a quilt and curtains and things out of. Hopefully sometime I'll get it all done and be able to do a whole girly room reveal.

The paint color in her room is Sugarcane by Benjamin Moore, cut with white by 25%. Sometime I'll tell you about how I painted her whole room three times just to get the perfect pink. (and how I didn't know that you could just ask the guys at the paint store to lighten up a color for you until after I did it myself using quart jars and measuring cups- oy).

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