Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kid's POV

My kids got a hold of the camera a couple of times last week. Even though it kind of annoys me because, ahem, this was not exactly a cheap camera, sometimes it's fun to see life through their eyes.

We hosted advent last Sunday. I made chicken enchiladas, beans and rice for dinner. I made so much we were eating them all week.
For dessert we had peppermint sundaes: peppermint ice cream, crushed up candy canes, homemade hot fudge sauce, and whipped cream. Yum! I'm normally too cold to eat ice cream in December but I make an exception for these :)

We had a fun night with friends eating, singing Christmas carols, reading scriptures, and adding the shepherds to the Fisher Price Nativity.

 At this time of year, I love to have lots of candlelight in the evenings.

We decorated our Christmas tree that morning before church, kind of in a rush. We have so many ornaments I think we could decorate 2 or 3 full sized Christmas trees! It was fun to do this year especially because we unpacked lots of decorations that have been in storage and we haven't seen for 5 years.

The next day my little gal got a hold of the camera as I was trying to clean up after all the advent fun.

Here is the giant pile of dishes on Monday morning. It took me over two hours to do them all! (we need a new dishwasher)
I always look so lovely in the pictures they take of me (not). She's learned well and orders me to "smile," and "look this way," in a very bossy voice when she's photographing! (wonder where she got that)
I like seeing our house as she sees it. She takes pictures of things I wouldn't take pictures of, like our advent calendar in the hallway, and our fridge, Christmas lists and all.

She doesn't "stage" the house like I do when taking photos, so you get dirty dishes, wet towels, & unfinished house projects! In some of these, you see a sneak peak of our kitchen we've been working really hard on. We finally finished painting the cabinets, and putting the knobs on them. A few days before advent we got our new stove. After over two months of no stove it was really awesome to finally get one. We had baked a batch of cookies within hours. The kids were SO happy to finally get some home-baked treats!

Looking at her photos also shows me places that I need to clean and paint, like under these cabinets, yuck.

Here is another thing that needs to be done at some point. I think we're going to get a piece of beadboard to cover the side of this cabinet with.

Here you can see the kitchen/dining room wall color. It's silver sage by Benjamin Moore and it may be my all-time favorite paint color. I love it in this room since there is so much light with the sliding glass doors that go out to the backyard. It looks good at every time of day and in every light, sometimes more green and sometimes more gray. If you're looking for the perfect shade of green, I highly recommend it. Someday soon I'll post the kitchen all finished with before and after photos.

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Nana said...

The house looks wicked awesome! Sounds like you are having fun! Merry Christmas.