Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in My Bathroom

So do you think it's sacreligious to put a nativity tree in your bathroom? I hope not because that's exactly what I did on Christmas Eve! I found this little set of mini Nativity ornaments I hadn't used yet and thought this would be the perfect place to display them on a little tree I pulled out of a box.

This bathroom has come a long way since it's days of being a powder blue 70's nightmare! It was completely gutted and given a whole new, beachy look.

Someday soon I'll do another post about it with before pics so you can see the amazing difference. But for now here's just a quick glimpse. If you look closely you might notice that we still have a little more hardware to install. Hopefully that will be done in the next week or so as my hubby is taking some time off. Poor guy, he spent Christmas Eve day installing two new light fixtures! These pencil starfish and sandollar will stay up all year, but they are perfect for Christmas with their starshapes.

I like little bits of Christmas in every room.
(bathroom wall color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams)

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Inspire Me Heather said...

Love your bathroom and yeah, a Christmas tree in there is ok!!