Sunday, November 07, 2010


We had a fun Halloween this year and have been gorging ourselves on candy ever since! It seems like there was more than usual this year. I guess that is because Friday night we went to a tri ward trunk or treat, plus trick or treated in two neighborhoods and bought way too much candy!

Here's our little angel

Apparently HS is not too old to trick or treat because this kid went out with his friends in his cookie costume.

(just in case you couldn't tell)

It was really fun to have a house to decorate this year. The last 5 years our door was around the back and nobody could see it from the street or knew it was there to knock on. Before that, in Phoenix we didn't usually decorate the house much because we usually weren't home. Our ward usually did trunk or treating on Halloween night or we went over to my in-laws neighborhood. I liked our house in Phx but we never really loved our neighborhood.

So, even though there are boxes and unfinished house projects galore we got out the Halloween stuff to welcome the trick or treaters! There are tons of kids in our new neighborhood which is great. There is always someone outside playing and the street is a cul-de-sac, and flat, so it's really nice for bike riding. All the neighbors know eachother and most houses have kids so they kind of just roam around. There are a bunch of little boys close in age to my second grader so he is just in heaven! I love that he will stay outside for a while now instead of coming in after 10 minutes because he's bored.

On Sunday afternoon I realized that we had totally forgotten about carving pumpkins! I had bought a couple of little sugar pumpkins at the grocer store the first week of October so we made one quick Jack-o-lantern to put out.

I love this thing, it glows so bright. I think I bought it at Target and I wish I had bought more of them!

So, you might notice the uncharacteristic beer bottles on my little entry way table! Funny story about that- as we were standing in our doorway and a big group of neighbor kids were coming by, and my neighbor handed me the two beer bottles saying "Happy Halloween!" It took me a minute to realize what they were but by then they had already whizzed by to the next house. Anyway, it was a nice gesture! We kind of got a kick out of the whole thing.

So, I will also mention that I was a bit conflicted this year about the whole Trick or Treating on Sunday issue. I asked a bunch of church friends what their plans were and got mixed responses. In the end I decided to let them go, but I still didn't feel 100% great about it. That is one thing I really miss about Utah- everyone goes out on Saturday if Halloween is on a Sunday. If the 4th of July is on Sunday you know the fireworks will be scheduled for Saturday night, and it's really nice to not have to worry about that issue!
You can see a few peeks of some of the stuff we've done to the house. Like our stairs for instance. They used to be covered in hideous, tirquoise carpet with dark stained treads. They also had iron railing that was painted with a very bad white paint job. We took up the carpet, had the stairs refinished along with all the rest of the wood floors and painted the backs of the treads white. We also stripped and repainted the iron railings black, or I should say my dad-in-law spent a week and a half stripping those railings! I was so happy not to have to do that job, it was soo much work. I spray painted them black and they look so much better! You actually can't see them in this photo because one isn't reattached yet but sometime it will be done and I'll show you the transformation. My next post is going to be our new finished living room so you can finally see what we've been working on all these months!

Our neighbor across the street is a police officer and did a fun lawn decor with crime scene tape, a body and "evidence" boxes.

Hope you had a fun Halloween too!

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