Friday, November 12, 2010

Embarassing Moment

First of all I have to explain that my 3-year-old daughter is what Seinfeld would call a "loud talker." Seriously, she doesn't talk, she yells. Even when she's standing right next to you. In fact, lately I've begun to wonder if she may have a hearing issue because she talks so loudly all the time!
So anyway, here is the conversation we had in the feminine hygiene aisle of Target today as I was innocently trying to purchase some maxi pads:
Little Gal (very loud voice)- ARE THOSE DIAPERS!?!
me (softly)- No, they're not diapers.
me- Shh, yes they're for moms.
LG (even louder)- ARE THEY FOR YOU!?!
me (in a low, non attention seeking voice)- Yes, they're for me, shhh.
LG (full on yell)- ARE THEY FOR YOUR BUM!?!
me- Shhh, honey please don't say that so loudly.
LG (yelling loudly)- I SAID ARE THEY FOR YOUR BUM!!??!!!
Oh, my heavens. That was embarassing.


ellen said...

Kids say the cutest things...

josh, erica, nora and wells said...

I'm sorry, but at your expense, that is HILARIOUS. I remember having almost the exact same conversation with Nora not too long ago. Luckily for me, she has a very soft voice.

Sweetpea said...

Awesome. Kids rule. We were at Carlsbad Caverns on Thursday, and there is a rock formation that, well, looks exactly like a breast. O pipes up, "Mom, there is a HUGE mimi (her old word for breast/nursing) over there!" Then she goes on this 5 minute dialog about how someday her mimis will be big like mamas and she'll be able to nurse her babies. Now keep in mind we are in a CAVE and sound TRAVELS. Oh man. She just wouldn't stop talking about it! So, I feel your pain.

Janika said...

Holy Cow! That made me laugh so hard! I can just picture the whole scenario--so, so funny!

Allison and Nathan said...

A long time ago, my aunt, who is endowed and normally wears g------s, was shopping at Target for some regular underwear for an OBGYN appointment or something. Her four year old daughter saw what she put in the cart and yelled out, "Mom, why are you buying those? You don't wear underwear!" I love that story.

Deb said...

Too funny...I love it!

Just wanted to let you know that our hardwood floors came prefinished and that I will check with my neighbor about making a white caddy and get back to you asap. And...thanks for stopping by! ~Deb~

Amy Suzanne Denton Colley said...

My mom always tells me funny stories of things I said when I was little. This is so great. I am glad to see you all are doing well. Love the new house! Love you and miss you all!