Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Lights

Here is the second lighhouse of the day (we managed to get in 3). The place was called "Two Lights" State Park so I'm assuming this was the Two Lights Lighthouse. It is on Cape Elizabeth in Maine and it's quite stunning sitting up there on a big rocky cliff. There is another big rocky cliff opposite the lighthouse and you can walk way out on the rocks and look out to sea. In between that there is a really rocky beach.
This boat sailed past in front of this little island right out in the bay across from where we were.

The kids had fun playing on the rocks. This little girl really latched onto her cute 15 year old cousin!

Here you can see our shadows on the rocks across from where we were.

We stopped at this beach before we got to the lighthouse. I took a heart shaped rock and some driftwood off the beach. I thought it would be fun to attempt to make a driftwood sailboat like the ones sold at Whiteflower Farmhouse. I've also seen directions for making them on other blogs. I've been collecting heart shaped rocks for a while. I'm pretty liberal on what I consider to be heart shaped!

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