Sunday, October 17, 2010

Maine Diner

Our next stop after York Beach and the lighthouse was the Maine Diner in Wells. Nana had seen it on the Diners and Dives show (on Food Network) and wanted to go. They are supposed to have some of the best lobster rolls in Maine. So, even though it was an hour wait we went for lunch (while you're waiting you can watch the show featuring the diner, or walk around the garden out back, or visit one of the many antique stores in Wells).

The boys doing what they do best- eating of course!

This kid actually ate almost 2 of these giant dinner plate sized pancakes.

Then he wanted a giant chocolate chip cookie for the road!

I'm not a huge fan of lobster rolls but other people said they were good. I like my lobster plain and just with butter, thanks. And really, I just eat the tail anyway! So, I have a mixed review for the Maine diner. I got seafood chowder which it said on the menu is one of the best according to some contest, forgoing my usual fried scallops which I pretty much have anywhere they are available. I didn't love my chowder because it was thin and milky instead of thick which is how I like chowder to be. The taste was good though. They had really yummy corn muffins, the butternut squash was good and my daughters mac and cheese was one of the best things I tasted there. We also ordered "New England Nachos," which was onions, potatoes, peppers and cheese all sauteed together like a hash. It was really good, probably the best dish I had there. The blueberry chip ice cream was really good although I've definitely had better ice cream. So, overall I'd say it was good, and I'd go back and try something else but I didn't think it was the best diner I've ever gone to. The service was really great though, and it was fun to experience such a popular, crowded place. Just FYI in case you ever get a chance to go!

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