Sunday, October 17, 2010

Annual Trip to Maine

Well, the last couple of weeks have been quite the whirlwind. We have moved, and had family come visit pretty much simultaneously! In between trying frantically to finish up house projects and unpack a huge truckload of stuff so people would actually have someplace to sleep/eat/wash clothes/sit/ in our new place, we managed to do a little sightseeing!

I really will have some house pics sometime soon, we're just trying to get things organized, and still haven't even moved everything from where we were living before. We still have a very long list of house projects to finish up, and things spread between two residences, plus all the normal craziness of life on top of all that. So, needless to say, complete chaos abounds! It's a little like camping in a house- we're cooking on a hotplate since we don't have a stove yet (doing that for 12 was pretty tricky!) It's getting there though and there are some rooms that are actually starting to look like an actual home.
So, as I was saying we had a whole bunch of family arrive from AZ the week we were moving into the new house. It's pretty much become a fall tradition to go off on some roadtrips with them for Columbus Day weekend. It's also a tradition to stop at Nubble light in ME, one of our favorite spots. It's fun to look at pictures of all the times we've stopped there in the last 4 years and see how everyone has grown up so much!It's a beautiful place and I never get tired of visiting.

This year it was extra fun to have my husband's sister and her two kids here as well as my in-laws. The next few posts will be all about our little trips we did last weekend.

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The Cassel Family said...

Gorgeous pics Lamb! You have great talent. Your annual Maine post has made me definatly want to visit there myself someday:)