Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Superbaby!

Meet Superbaby, our newest muppet friend. You may remember my post last spring about my 14-year-old's Jim Henson project.

Well, that project has grown into a full blown puppet obsession!

He spent lots of his free time this summer researching puppet making and gathering supplies to enter a contest sponsored by Project Puppet. I've helped him a little but we're so preoccupied with the house that I honestly haven't helped much. On Thursday, the day before the contest deadline, I realized that he needed some help to get this done by Friday night at midnight. So, I dedicated Friday to helping him get this project done in time.

This kind of puppet building is pretty complicated, there is a foam body shape inside, some wires, and lots of sewing. He did the majority of it himself- dyeing the fleece a custom mixed color, constructing a two part foam body glued together with contact cement, making foam filled arms with wire inside so the fingers will bend. I just helped out with a little of the sewing at the end to speed things along. I also made him the "Superbaby" logo cape. I'd say that we spent about 14 hours Friday helping with glueing, sewing, photographing, etc. to get it all done and submitted online about 1 hour before the deadline! He had already spent many more hours than that in the last couple of weeks.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superbaby!
I think his puppet turned out really cute and the little kids absolutely love him! If you click on the Project Puppet link up there you can see photos of all the entries. He's hoping to win to get some more patterns for-what else? Making more puppets! Either way I think it was a good experience, although a little stressful. It takes a lot more time to figure out how to make something the first time. When he does it again, I'll bet it goes a lot faster.
You can read more about his adventures in puppets here.

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