Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cousin Day

A couple of days ago my parents took a few of my kids, and two of their cousins to Walden Pond, one of our fave swimming spots. The guy in the ice cream truck asked if they wanted to come stand inside the truck.

Looks like my little gal REALLY enjoyed her Dora pop!

They went to the beach while I drove all over kingdom come in the muggy heat getting carpet samples. I've had carpet picked out for months, and last week when I called Home Depot to get it installed, they told me it was discontinued!! Yet another setback in the whole renovation process. Ugh! I should have just gone swimming with them!

So now I have to pore over carpet samples for hours again. Doesn't that sound like a fun holiday weekend?! I'll probably get to do some painting too- yipee! We actually are getting close to moving in and have all but the bathrooms and laundry rooms painted now. A couple more weeks and I hope to be able to share some before and after pictures with you. Finally!
Enjoy your last weekend of summer!


Micah said...

Hi Elizabeth!
Thanks for stopping by to see my dresser over at Finding Shae. The paint color is Sherwin Williams 6219 Rain. I discovered through this paintjob that you really DO need to paint a scrap of wood and set it in the room you want the piece to be in. I bought the paint chip thinking it totally matched my duvet... it didn't once I painted it on the dresser. I ended up loving it anyway though. I'd love to see your piece once you're done! Have fun!

Micah said...

oops.. so sorry... EliSabeth.