Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday was our ward's annual clambake at Crane's beach. I think it was the best one yet!

Teenage fun

The weather was absolutely perfect! Everyone hung out at the beach for a long time and lots of people went swimming. I even got wet up to the knees.

My 11-year-old took all of these pictures. Here's a picture of he and our friend Ellen "camera sniping" eachother.

We ate so much good food- corn on the cob, hot dogs, yummy salads, clams, homemade peach raspberry and rocky road ice cream, and of course lobster!

My #2 son invited a couple of his school buddies to come along. They found some young ladies to hang out with!

#1 son joined in the volleyball action. He was on the HS team last year and I think #2 son plans to join him this year.

Right down the road from the beach is a place called Russel Orchard. You can go there to pick apples and buy fresh apple cider and everyone's fave- cider donuts. The store is a big old wooden barn. It's a tradition to stop for donuts on the way home from the clambake. It's usually about closing time and there is a huge line of people waiting for their donuts. While you're in line, it's fun to watch them drop the circle of dough into the hot grease, let it fry for a couple of minutes and then come down the conveyor belt right into your bag. They're so hot you have to leave the bag open or it would melt right through. You can't get any fresher than that. YUM! We bought donuts, cider and apples to fortify us for the ride home. It was the perfect New England fall day!

Beach Pics of #3

It's Superbaby!

Meet Superbaby, our newest muppet friend. You may remember my post last spring about my 14-year-old's Jim Henson project.

Well, that project has grown into a full blown puppet obsession!

He spent lots of his free time this summer researching puppet making and gathering supplies to enter a contest sponsored by Project Puppet. I've helped him a little but we're so preoccupied with the house that I honestly haven't helped much. On Thursday, the day before the contest deadline, I realized that he needed some help to get this done by Friday night at midnight. So, I dedicated Friday to helping him get this project done in time.

This kind of puppet building is pretty complicated, there is a foam body shape inside, some wires, and lots of sewing. He did the majority of it himself- dyeing the fleece a custom mixed color, constructing a two part foam body glued together with contact cement, making foam filled arms with wire inside so the fingers will bend. I just helped out with a little of the sewing at the end to speed things along. I also made him the "Superbaby" logo cape. I'd say that we spent about 14 hours Friday helping with glueing, sewing, photographing, etc. to get it all done and submitted online about 1 hour before the deadline! He had already spent many more hours than that in the last couple of weeks.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superbaby!
I think his puppet turned out really cute and the little kids absolutely love him! If you click on the Project Puppet link up there you can see photos of all the entries. He's hoping to win to get some more patterns for-what else? Making more puppets! Either way I think it was a good experience, although a little stressful. It takes a lot more time to figure out how to make something the first time. When he does it again, I'll bet it goes a lot faster.
You can read more about his adventures in puppets here.

First Day

Freshman! (With his new braces)

Middle Schooler!

Walking buddies

Second Grader!

My stay at home buddy. We plan to have lots of fun girl time this year!

Our Little Princess Turned 3

It was over a month ago, but I just uploaded the pictures last night!

It was low-key and very princessy! I didn't really plan that, but that's kind of what she's into now. That and Star Wars figures!

These two are great pals. We're lucky they live so close. It makes up for her not having any sisters to have such a good cousin buddy.

Our little girl is so grown up! She is a sweetheart and calls everyone her friend. Really, every kid she sees, she's like- look there's my friend! She loves riding her little red tricycle. She likes playing with baby dolls and reading stories. She loves the color pink (no, I didn't brainwash her) and will often insist on wearing a completely pink outfit. She loves pretty things. She is a night owl (always has been unfortunately!)
She loves the beach, and helping me cook. She really, really loves babies. She likes to draw and listen to music like the Wizard of Oz and Disney Princess songs, of course. She wants to say the blessing at dinner every night. She is big for her age and everyone thinks she is at least four. People are always commenting on her hair. It's never been cut and is down to her waist. If you ask her what color her hair is she will say, "my hair is golden." She has an imaginary friend named "O." O lives on Cape Cod and she is tiny, like only about 4 inches tall. She talks about "her friend O" all the time. It's too funny!
She really loved this magical sounding wand she got. Of course the dressups had to be put on the minute the wrapping paper was off!

She wanted angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream, my favorite summer cake. This really wasn't that long ago, but it is so chilly already and yesterday I saw some definite leaf changing. This was a nice, hot summer. The week before school started on the 8th, it was in the 90's and then bam, a week later school started and it cooled down and got chilly in the mornings and evenings. I love fall but I will always miss summer!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cousin Day

A couple of days ago my parents took a few of my kids, and two of their cousins to Walden Pond, one of our fave swimming spots. The guy in the ice cream truck asked if they wanted to come stand inside the truck.

Looks like my little gal REALLY enjoyed her Dora pop!

They went to the beach while I drove all over kingdom come in the muggy heat getting carpet samples. I've had carpet picked out for months, and last week when I called Home Depot to get it installed, they told me it was discontinued!! Yet another setback in the whole renovation process. Ugh! I should have just gone swimming with them!

So now I have to pore over carpet samples for hours again. Doesn't that sound like a fun holiday weekend?! I'll probably get to do some painting too- yipee! We actually are getting close to moving in and have all but the bathrooms and laundry rooms painted now. A couple more weeks and I hope to be able to share some before and after pictures with you. Finally!
Enjoy your last weekend of summer!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Hurried Child is a Stressed Child

I found this today and it is a great reminder to me to ignore my to-do list a little more, stress a little less and enjoy the precious, fleeting moments with my kids a little more. Even staying at home full time I know I ignore them too much, let them watch too much tv, do my own thing too much. As a mom of both a high schooler and a 3-year-old I've learned first hand how fast it goes. So fast, I can't believe it. So, I'm going to try to remember that and try to revel in the every day stuff more, especially with my last baby. Two more years and she'll be in school too! I know from experience those 2 years will fly by so the time to soak up all of the preschooler chubby sweetness is now!
(I found this here)