Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scout Adventure

Hello! Hope you are having a great summer! Ours has been wonderful and I can't believe it's winding down. Last night I felt a little nip in the air, and I've actually started using covers at night, so I guess summer is coming to a close. Here it has been HOT and I've been loving it! I really need to soak up the summer sun and heat to get me through the looong NE winter that I'm not too fond of.
I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. I'm not the most regular blogger in the world, but I'm usually good for at least posting once a month. Have you wondered where the heck I've been? Well, I'll tell you- working my rear end off on our house!! When we bought our house I thought, we'll slap some paint on it, get the floors fixed up and be good to go in a month or so. Ha Ha. I had no idea what I was getting us into.
When we bought our last house we did quite a bit of painting and replaced all the floors but it just wasn't to the extent of what this house needed. I won't get into all the details now, I will save that for a future time that is hopefully getting close! Everytime I think, ok, it should just be a few more weeks, something else happens and when that time arrives, I think, ok maybe in a few more weeks! I jokingly said in July- well, maybe we'll be moved in by the time school starts. Now I'm just hoping we really can be! Anyway, things like an unexpected bathroom gut job, indecision, and just busyness have slowed us down but we're getting there! I also had all of these grand plans of posting all of the time as we went, but I've just been way to busy actually doing all of the work to document it. Anyway, pretty soon some rooms will be done, so I will be posting lots of before and after. Yesterday I was getting down about the fact that we've owned this house for three and a half months and don't even live in it yet, and what have we really accomplished?! Then I found the house listing pictures which made me feel a lot better, like, hey, I can't believe that's how it used to look. So anyhoo, enough about that for now let's share what we did this summer!

My husband and three oldest boys went with a scout group on a high adventure trip to Southern Utah at the beginning of July for. The picture above shows you the view from "Angel's Landing," a notoriously dangerous hike I begged them not to do!!

Well here they are at the top, so I guess they didn't listen very well, huh?

Another view from the top. I believe this is part of Zion's National Park.

My #3 son at Bryce Canyon, my personal favorite. I would have loved to go on this trip with them, I miss the west so much!

Papa drove up from Phoenix to go on the trip with my guys, and my dad was there too, so they got to have some serious male bonding time.

#3 son with Grandpa.


Here they are at Coral Pink sanddunes climbing to the top of a huge dune at sunset. I wish I knew how to make these photos publish bigger, but you can click on them to see them bigger. The scale of the little tiny people against this giant dune is cool!

I think this is the slot canyon where they did their big, 2-day 20 mile hike.

How cool looking is that place? (and that kid!)

They also went to Lake Powell for a couple of days for some serious water fun.

My hot hubby waterskiing. Looking good!

They all came home looking quite pink!

They stayed a night in Orderville, Utah and slept out- and also played on the towns baseball field.

They even went to visit our cousins who live in Hurricaine, Ut.

They found a swimming hole in Hurricaine to do a little bit of low cliff diving on their last day.

They worked really hard all year fundraising for this trip- a Valentine's dinner, carwash, and pie selling at Thanksgiving time. I'm so glad they got to go. It was really a great experience for them all.
Oh, and I have to say that it was really weird being home for a whole week with only 2 kids. The house was eerily quiet, and the food lasted so much longer! I only went shopping once in 9 days, and only did 3 or4 loads of dishes and no laundry- very unusual! We had a nice relaxing week ourselves going to free day at the zoo and to our little town beach. We picked up the travelers on a Tuesday morning after they'd spent the night on the redeye from Vegas. It was my oldest son's 17th birthday (we celebrated later by going to see Toy Story 3), and my sister was in labor at the hospital giving birth to my new niece! I joked about her having the baby on his birthday when she first told me her due date, but I never thought it would actually happen (it was 3 days past the due date). So anyway, I think it is cute that my son now has a tiny little girl for a birthday buddy!

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