Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Photo Shoot

Since I missed my annual Easter photo of the kids this year, I thought our trip would be the perfect time for a beach photo shoot of the kids. I'll tell you the truth, it was kind of a nightmare! You might say, oh, but those are such cute pictures! Well yes, out of the dozens I took there are about 2 or 3 that turned out ok, but you weren't there to witness all the drama. Anyway, let's not dwell on that!

So here is the whole gang, for better or for worse. They are pretty cute, just a little ornery sometimes! That must be why I only do this once a year or so. Anyway, these are the two photos that I think are decent enough to be frameable. I'm excited to put them up on the mantle in our new family room. I was even thinking of having a canvas made, I've seen a bunch of those on some blogs lately and I think they look really cool.

It's been almost two years since our last family photo with all of us so I was thinking of trying to do another one of those this fall, if I'm brave enough. In the following posts you'll see the individual shots I took of most of them!



(#3 was, how shall we say- not cooperating- that day, so no picture of him. There's always one- grrr)


Can you believe this one is 14 and about to start High School?! I can't.

GQ pose


Not to brag, but why did I just pay someone else a $45 sitting fee to take a senior picture of this kid?!

Pirates Cove

Do you think I could get one of these to keep at home?

7th Birthday

While on our trip, we celebrated this guy's 7th birthday with Boston Cream Pie, and some presents. We went to A&W for lunch and then went mini golfing. It was our last day, and the perfect ending to our vacation!

Pretty Beach Baby

The Beach!

Well of course the main reason that you go to the cape is for the beach! We were so lucky it was hot and sunny everyday the whole week we were there. This is definitely not always the case here in NE.
We went to the beach everyday and had a really great time. I have no idea why it took me so long to discover this- but there are warm beaches on the cape. In the past we've always gone to beaches that were freezing cold. Don't ask me why! I guess I just assumed that's how they all were. This time we bought a week pass for all of the Nantucket Sound beaches and they were so warm! I always love the beach but I can really only get in up to my waist at the most- I'm just a big wimp about cold water.

This week we all spent hours in the water. Seriously, a couple of the days the beach was as warm as the pond. One day we happened to pick a beach that was having unusually big waves. I have no idea why, and I've never seen anything like it on the east coast. It wasn't like Hawaii or anything, but for here, these were some gigantic waves! We had just bought a boogie board and we had a blast in the surf all afternoon. That was about as much fun as I've had in-- I don't even know how long. Nobody could figure out why the waves were like that on that particular day. We drove by that beach again another day and it was nothing like that.

Beach pictures are always my favorite.

Like her brothers, my little gal is a true beach baby.



One day we went to Brewster, a cute quaint little town on the cape with an old fashioned general store. The kids filled brown paper bags up with penny candy. I bought a few iron stars and an iron sheep. They had some really cool antiques displayed in that store, like an old letter cabinet and old thread holder. Here we all are out in front of the store.

See the hydrangeas behind us? One of my favorite flowers and they are all over the cape. I can't believe I didn't take more pictures of them, but I was trying to enjoy the moments rather than photograph them so we really only took the camera out a couple of times. Anyway, the bright blue hydrangeas were in their prime that week and it they were everywhere.

The store has a front porch with benches and this old scale.

I love this old clock and the beadboard ceiling and fancy trimwork- to die for!

We went to another gift shop in Brewster that is an old barn with a little garden out back with a maze. Once you get through the maze, you see this model train set. It's so cute! It even has a miniature of the general store. The one thing I wanted to buy in this store was not for sale. They were these little antique galvanized metal planting pots and they were the coolest things. I've never seen anything like them before. I was imagining all kinds of decorating ideas using them. I asked two different sales people about them but they were just for decoration. Bummer!

The boys pretending to be lost in the maze. Such goofballs!

After we shopped we went to Kate's for some awesome seafood. It was one of the three times I has fried scallops on our trip, and by far the best. The sweet potato fries were pretty yummy too. I really only ever have scallops on vacation, and I'm starting to crave them again!