Friday, May 07, 2010

Jim Henson Project

My 8th grade son was assigned a big biography project for English class and he chose to do it about Jim Henson. He got really into the project- see the resemblance?!

The project requirements were to read at least one book about the person, create a costume of the person, and a poster with a timeline of all the major events in the person's life, then do an oral presentation for the class about the person- dressed up as the person!
Later this month they also have to complete a book report of the book they read for the biography project. My son decided to take the project to the next level and create his very own muppet! With some help from an internet tutorial, and mom :) he got to work.

This is our first puppet attempt. It was made with wool felt. It wasn't big enough and the fabric wasn't stretchy enough so this poor guy was cast aside and we tried again.

This time we used fleece. It is stretchier and we also cut it a lot bigger.

Here he is partway done

And the finished product! He named the puppet "Carret." He was really happy with it and took it to school as part of his presentation. He said the teacher didn't believe him that he made it himself. He really got into bringing the puppet to life and entertaining kids at school and at home!
He had lots of fun "researching" for this project by watching "Sesame Street" and several of the muppet movies, plus the entire first season of the original "Muppet Show" on dvd!
This was the perfect project for him to choose, he is really into theater and performing right now
(a couple of months ago he had a lead role in his school's production of the musical "Thirteen").
Here he is in his costume on the day of his presentation. He wasn't thrilled with the beard we got him- so that's why in this picture he looks more like an Oscar the Grouch lookalike :) He thinks it would be cool to work as a "muppeteer" when he gets older, and I love that he has big dreams.
Yesterday the entire 8th grade wore their costumes to school- I'm sure it was quite a sight!
I can't believe this kid will be at the HS next year. He certainly keeps life interesting!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Loving This Today

I continue to be inspired by Stephanie and her great attitude and faith despite all the hardship she's been through.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


No, not that house, this house:

Or, more specifically, this house:
What I'm trying to say, in a kind of dorky way is that we just bought this house. It's kind of a fixer-upper so stay tuned for more details and lots of before and after pictures. As my husband put it- now you get to live one of your shows! (he's referring to my HGTV watching habit:)
We closed on Friday and then took the kids over that evening to surprise them which was pretty fun. Anyway, we've already spent one day tearing off wallpaper and sanding wood paneling and that's just the tip of the iceburg. There's LOTS of work to do and it will probably be at least a few weeks until we are actually moved in. Every single wall and bit of woodwork in the house has to be painted, and almost all of the flooring has to be replaced or redone. It's going to be fun to document the transformation here and I'll probably be asking you for your opinion too.
Anyway, that's my big news of the day!