Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vacation Snow

So right now my kids are on a break from school for the week. February vacation is not my favorite thing. I just don't really see the point of a break when it's this cold outside. Of course, lots of people are off to Florida or ski trips, so I guess they think Feb. vacation is a great idea!
So anyway, the nice thing about the snow yesterday is that it was also relatively warm outside, so the kids could go out and have some fun. They built a snowman,

made a snowbaby,

and snow angels. This little gal absolutely loves the snow. She doesn't mind the cold at all.

*A couple of things to notice in these pictures- new glasses for the 10-year-old, and missing two front teeth on the 6-year-old!


nanapeggy said...

I wish I was on break I would come and play in the snow! It looks like fun. Miss A is a true New Englander! Love the new glasses.
Did the tooth fairy bring a good reward?

Sweetpea said...

Wow! Two teeth gone! I like the new glasses too. And little gal looks so adorable in her snow gear.