Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Trash to Treasure Finds

I was pretty excited about this find. I was on my way to the pediatrician (yet again!) one morning a few weeks ago and saw this out in front of a neighbor's house with their trash. It looked like they had tried to sell it at a yard sale- it had a piece of masking tape on it which had $6 written on it and crossed out, and then $4. I would totally have paid $4 for it! Even though I had a poor little sick with a horrible ear infection gal in the car, I had to make a quick stop and rescue this from the garbage truck!

I remember us having one of these as a kid and sledding on it. Too bad I don't have my original one anymore, but this is a good substitute. I've seen so many cute blog photos using old wooden sleds for Christmas Decorations out on porches (like this one from Pleasant Home) and I thought it would be a fun addition to my festive porch decor for next year. A couple of days later I went antiquing in Maine (I am about to do a post about that as well) and saw two wooden sleds in comparable shape- one for $45, and a bigger one for $75!! Then I really felt good about my thrifting prowess (and better about spending some money at the antique stores!)

My husband found this table (in all it's hideous 70's orange glory) forlornly sitting out on the curb early last Saturday morning. Despite it's current ugly color, I can see potential in it with it's planked top and chunky turned legs. I wish it were bigger because someday I want to get myself a big old farmhouse table that will actually fit our whole family without having to cram in elbow to elbow at the dinner table! May have to actually buy that one!

I think this could make a cute little nightstand for one of the kids- or me- to stack all my books and magazines in. A new coat of paint and some hardware and she'll be good to go. Of course, it's too cold to work on stuff right now. Another reason to look forward to spring. You may be saying- well, it's already second half of February, it's coming soon! Uh, not really. Here in MA, I have learned not to get excited about Spring until at least April. Unfortunate, but true!

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