Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tough Break!

A few Saturdays ago, my kids went sledding. Two of them ended up with a broken bone- same day, same hill and two breaks! I really couldn't believe it.

This one had a broken wrist:
(he was extremely excited about his red cast, and letting his friends sign it!)

This one broke his thumb:

We thought they were just sprained at first, so we waited until Monday morning to take the little guy to the dr. We went to the pediatrician, then xray place, then to the orthopedist at the hospital to get the cast. That night I started suspecting the other one had a break too, so Tuesday we did the whole thing over again! It was quite the week. Luckily, they were not serious and they didn't have to have casts for very long, one for 2 weeks and one for 3. Kids heal quickly!
Now, I am not a doctor so I am not giving medical advice, but I will tell you what I have learned as a mom about kids and broken bones.
- Just because they can still move it doesn't mean it's not broken.
-Just because they aren't complaining about a lot of pain, doesn't mean it's not broken.
Luckily, my kids have only ever had a more minor type of fracture, and the recurring signs of that for us have been: swelling that won't go down, bruising, and they quit using it. Even if they say it doesn't hurt a lot, they'll let it hang at their side. Just FYI. I think we are off sledding for the rest of this winter!

In this house, photo shoots have to be quick, because they will quickly deteriorate into this:
And this:


josh, erica, nora and wells said...

I guess that's what you get for having FOUR boys!! (the bone breaks, and crazy photo shoots)

Allison and Nathan said...

What?! Two broken bones in the same day? Crazy. We still haven't had a single broken bone and our oldest is 13 years old - knock on wood!

nanapeggy said...

I was wondering if I would get to see any pictures. I guess you have been busy, no blogging. Glad to hear all is well and Normal at your house.

Natalie said...

Oh, I miss you guys so much.Come to where it is warm.

Sweetpea said...

That reminds me that my kids made get better soon cards and I forgot to send them, eek! Is it too late?