Thursday, February 18, 2010

Portland, Maine

So I mentioned earlier that I had gone antiquing in Maine a few weeks ago. My friend Ellen and I went off to Portland on a cold Saturday and had a great day! We've been trying to work out a time to go for a few years now, so I'm glad it finally worked out! We met another friend at the Miss Portland Diner and had lunch, went to see the Portland Head lighthouse, and went to an architechtural salvage place, and the tiniest fabric store I've ever seen.

It was freezing, and really windy, but we still got out of the car to get a few pictures!

I thought Portland was so pretty, I'd love to go back someday.

There were cute houses all over the place, here's one I happened to take a picture of when we stopped for a minute. I didn't take too many photos since I was driving, but here is Ellen's post about our day with a few more, and some info on the Miss Portland Diner. It has an interesting story, and the food was really good! Oh, and here's her photo of a really cute little post office we saw on Cape Elizabeth.

After we left Portland, we headed down to a couple of antique places in Ogonquit, and Wells. It was fun to browse through all of the stuff in those stores! I didn't buy too much (my husband couldn't believe I didn't come home dragging any furniture behind me!), but I got a few things. I think my favorite thing I bought that day is this brown transferware platter. I think it's so pretty, and right now it's displayed in my living room (which is also our family room, toy room, tv room, and sometimes ball-playing room) Hopefully none of the crazies will knock it over and break it.

I really like transferware, my favorites are the browns and reds. I don't think I'll ever get a whole set or anything, but it would be fun to collect a few pieces around the house for decor and to mix in with my regular dishes.

Here is a post on a blog I really like- A Country Farmhouse- about a collection of transferware.
I also bought this old coal bucket. I don't know why, I just thought it was really cool looking! It would look really great holding logs on a hearth, or pinecones at Christmas time like in this photo.

I also bought a few blue Mason jars with old metal lids, and a really cute little stuffed cat made out of an old quilt for the little gal. The prices at the places we went were pretty reasonable, so I really didn't spend very much at all. A couple of other things I wanted to buy but didn't: the Fisher Price doctor kit I had as a kid (in an antique store- does that make me old?!), and a really cool old yo-yo blanket. Some day I'm going to make one of those for myself out of all of my scraps. I think they're so cool.
I'll definitely be going back for more antiquing in Maine!


nanapeggy said...

Can I go with you?

nanapeggy said...

Glad you finally made it to Portland. Maybe we will have to go in the fall now that you know the places to go. Maybe a girl trip!

Sweetpea said...

Oh, you should have bought the doctor kit!

scrapsidaisy said...

I just love seeing all of your cool finds! You are a great bargain hunter.

TWO breaks on one sledding trip! Ouch! Trevor took our kids sledding a couple of saturdays ago and I think they all ended up hurt one way or another.

LOVE the tulips so pretty.

And I love your front porch decor...