Wednesday, February 17, 2010

9-Patch Blocks

A month or so ago I started sewing 9-patch quilt blocks. I've been wanting to make one for a while, especially after seeing this quilt (by Vanessa), and re-reading the Little House on the Prarie series this past fall (Laura starts sewing 9-patch blocks as a young child, and they are mentioned throughout the books. At some point she finishes her quilt and takes it with her when she gets married). Those books are some of my all time favorites, and I liked them just as much- if not more, as an adult!

Anyhoo, I am using all of my reproduction fabric I've been collecting for a while. This was a really common pattern in the 30's and 40's so I want it to be vintage-inspired looking. I think I made about 65 blocks, and then cut the same number of white blocks. When the blocks are sewn together with every other one being white and colored, it will make an Irish Chain pattern. Here are my stacks of blocks to make my 13 rows. Here is Vanessa's tutorial to make 9-patch blocks. They are really easy, just sewing strips together. I'll post some more pictures when the top is finished.


nanapeggy said...

Can't wait to see it! I just keep finding fabric I can't live without or planning projects that don't seem to get done. Hopefully on spring break I will get some sewing done.

Natalie said...

I like that. I really want to make a blanket for picnics, but I just want to do a simple one and that seems perfect.