Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pants on the Ground- This Cracks Me UP!



Jan said...

I saw this, today. Thought you may like it, too:


Sharla said...

Hey Elisabeth! Thanks for your sweet comment! Yes, we are having twins and are pretty excited. I am hoping for a good pregnancy without complications (like bedrest and hospitals), but I'm not really in charge of that. I have had good pregnancies in the past so hopefully that will work in our favor! Once Jeff graduates I don't know that we would move back to phx. We miss the family for the kids sake, but have enjoyed TX thus far. Sometimes it's also nice to be away from family :).
I thought your song post was hilarious! I don't watch TV anymore so it was a fun update on what I'm missing :). I can't believe life is moving along so fast! When did you get a 16 year old?! I remember him in primary! It looks like you are enjoying your life with your beautiful children! It's nice to keep in touch with blogging - see what life is like when people aren't close enough to hang out anymore. Sorry this is long :). I enjoy keeping up on your blog though!