Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Dresses

A couple of days ago I realized that I hadn't ever taken any photos of the little gal in her Christmas dresses, so this morning we had a little photo shoot! I wanted to take some while the tree is still up. I love my tree this year, I'll be so sad to see it come down. It's still totally green and really fresh, it's hardly lost any needles. I think we'll be cutting down a tree every year!

We went out to the Festive Porch to take some pictures too.

It's not always easy to get a good pic of this kid, but today there were lots of really cute ones.

It was hard to pick just a few to share! It helped that her Daddy was there getting her to smile.
She's kind of a Daddy's girl.

I bought this plaid dress at Target. I love how it's so flouncy and princessy.

Nana sent her this black velvet dress with matching red shoes that she loves. This girl is starting out her shoe addiction at a very young age! I'm really not a shoe person so I think she must get it from Nana, who loves to buy shoes and loves to send my daughter cute shoes!

I promise this is my last post about Christmas!