Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Breakfast

We had my parents, my brother and his girlfriend over for breakfast on Christmas morning. Later on my other brother stopped by with two of his kids on their way to my mom's.

I've used this same table setting for several different parties this year, advent, Christmas, and a get together of my HS friends the other night. It's pretty simple, drop cloth tablecloth, little silver trees from Crate and Barrel last year, silver snowflake table sprinkles, my new red dishes, and votive candles. I'll be using it again tomorrow when we have some friends over for New Year's brunch.

Our traditional Christmas breakfast is Pannakaku, which is Finnish pancakes. You blend the batter which has a lot of eggs and then pour in a pan and bake. This is actually only traditional the last 5 years or so, when my kids were little they didn't like it so we just had waffles. We make a yummy fruit compote to go on top, or you can have powdered sugar, syrup or jam.

This girl has gone from a baby and toddler that absolutely hated having her picture taken to now where she is a total poser! Everytime you point a camera in her direction, she's got the hands on hips, with a little tilt of the head, it just cracks me up! I guess that's why there are a bazillion photos of her.

Christmas Morning 2010

We always make them line up in age order to go into the living room together.

At her age it's nothing but excitement!

I took so many pics of this little gal I had to make a collage to fit in all the cute ones! You can click on it to see them better.

The boys got a big package for all of them from their Nana and Papa. Luckily it is an outside toy!

Unfortunately this poor kid woke up with the stomach flu. He still managed to open some presents but I don't think it was quite as much fun as usual for him. It seems like we just can't have a holiday unless at least one person is throwing up!

My boys used to get star wars toys and blocks, now they get phones, razors, and video games. So weird to have such grown up kids!

This is my stocking I've had since I was a baby, made by my grandmother. It's still in amazingly great shape.

This kid is a Nutella freak.

The boys all got nerf guns.

I'll admit that this was kind of a gift for me too :)

The only thing she asked for from Santa was a "brown haired doll." Luckily Santa was able to find one, and it even came with a baby sister doll.

She's had this mini doll house for a while but none of the guys to go in it so we got her a bunny family. I love Calico Critters, they are the cutest toys.

Her brother gave her a baby Jesus that he got in primary. This Sunday, she'll be in Primary too!
Christmas morning was a lot of fun this year. It was fun to have it in our new house. Next I'll be posting some more pics of the rest of our Christmas day.

Monday, December 27, 2010


The window above my kitchen sink:

Well everyone, we are in the middle of a bona fide Nor'easter at the moment. I don't know if I've ever seen or heard so much wind in a 24-hour period before! Yesterday they said we'd get 2-4 inches but it's more like a foot, plus with all the wind it's drifting a lot too. So, it's a real Winter Wonderland around here.

I walked around the house taking a bunch of pictures both inside and out. I guess I was excited to see how our new surroundings looked in the snow. Unfortunately our car is not the best in the snow and we had a bit of a treacherous time getting home from church and then over to my parents for leftovers yesterday. By then it looked like the snow was coming down sideways.
When we left for church in the early afternoon it was just barely starting and was pretty heavy by the time we got out, even though they just had Sacrament Meeting and cancelled all the rest of the meetings so we were only there for an hour and a half.

Doesn't my house look cute in the snow?

This is the house across the street, it looks really pretty too.

The view down the street.

Our backyard gives you a good idea of how snowy it is out there.

We are doing what we can to keep ourselves entertained while being cooped up in the house all day.

Today I watched the movie Camille on TV. It was kind of bizarre and sad but then had this beautiful ending that I loved. You should watch it, I was very surprised at how much I liked it, and I'd never heard of it before at all.

One of my boys actually braved the storm and went out sledding with his friend. He said the snow was swirling in the wind so much it looked like there were clouds on the ground.

I also read an entire book last night and today- "The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance." It was hilarious and insightful and I loved it and couldn't put it down.

My bedroom window covered in frost:

We're drinking lots of hot chocolate. And gorging ourselved on Christmas candy and pie.

Good thing we are prepared with the important things on hand!

This is my other across the street neighbors house. Our neighborhood really is extremely cute.

My husband can't believe these wreaths he hung outside the windows with fishing wire are still hanging on.

I think the worst of it is now over, it's not snowing anymore but it's still really windy. I guess tomorrow we'll go out and make a snowman. My little gal is a total snowbunny and loves to play in it, whethere she's properly dressed or not makes no difference! It's been a fun weekend.