Monday, December 28, 2009

We Had a Merry One!

Lining up for the big moment!

The looks on their faces in this photo made the extremely late night worth it! I love how the breeze is blowing her hair as she runs!
Here is what they saw:
I'll bet you can guess which present I was most excited about!

She was pretty excited too!

This girl is a candyholic! She had a candycane in her mouth when she was still in bed. All through the day, I kept catching her hiding behind the couch with candy in her mouth. When she runs out of her own, she just steals it from everyone else! I got advent calendars for all the kids and within a day or so she had eaten about half of hers and a whole bunch of days from the boys' too!

The mice found Santa's leftovers.

My first grader gave her the owl he made at school.

He's been collecting bop it toys since he was about 8 or so. A couple of years ago you couldn't get one at all, but this year a new one came out and Santa brought it. This game has an attitude, if you lose, it insults you. Of course the boys find this hilarious!

He's been asking for a quilt for a while, so I decided to get one done for Christmas. It's the Turning Twenty pattern again, I really like that one. I sent this one off to Utah to be long armed again, you can see the pattern in the dark blue. I didn't get the binding on before Christmas morning so I still have that project to look forward to. The fabric in this quilt is "American Pastimes," by Marcus Brothers. The line is a reproduction of fabric from a quilt that was in an exhibit I saw in the fall at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, MA. The exhibit was all quilts made from clothing fabrics and it was so cool. The quilt that inspired these fabrics was a 9patch quilt made from shirting fabric from the early 20th century. If you click on the fabric maybe you can see that one of the prints is little tiny baseball players (or you can google it and see all of the prints close up). In the original quilt there was also cowboy fabric, and another interesting thing is that they said that the fabric was most likely used to make shirts for women, even though the prints were kind of guy themes. This exhibit was so interesting, there were quilts made from ties, socks, military uniforms, and even underwear! It was totally up my alley, and I wish I had a photo of every quilt in the exhibit to study.

Lots of Christmas morning smiles!

Daddy was pretty worn out after staying up all night to put together a certain item. Oh, I mean help Santa put it together!

Grammie and Grandpa came over to join in the early morning fun!

She played with her new kitchen all day long!

Another big hit!

I think we've had a toy sword on Christmas morning every year for about 10 years straight!

The younger boys got headlamps which they love!

I hope you all had a merry one too! The other highlight of our day- dinner with 6 different desserts!