Tuesday, November 03, 2009

.Trash to Treasure: Little Girl's Table

Trash to Treasure: Little Girl's Table

So here is what I did today- transformed this little table that has been sitting out on my porch forever into something cute for my little gal:

Here is what it looked like before:
Filthy and scratched up, scribbled on with permanent marker, not my fave colors.
In a word: ugly
I got this little table and chairs from a neighbor's curb (it's from IKEA originally). I was not wild about the color, but it was in good shape otherwise and I thought it could be transformed. Then it sat there for probably almost a year until today when I started cleaning off my porch, which inspired me to fix up some of my old junk that's been cluttering it up for a long time. Doesn't it look so cute and girly? All ready for little gal's tea parties.

So, this was a pretty quick project. First I cleaned off all the gross stuff that had accumulated on the table as it sat outside on my porch all that time (like squirrel poop- ew).
I sanded it lightly, just roughed it up a little.
Then I got out my KILZ and primed the three pieces.
After the primer dries I smooth it out with a light sanding. Then I spray paint. The colors used in this project are Krylon "Ballet Slipper", and "Celery." They are the exact colors I wanted, I just love this shade of green (I bought both cans at Walmart).

She was so excited when I showed it to her all done, and put it right to use. The little tea set on the table was my mom's when she was a little girl. How sweet is that?
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Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

So cute! Looks like she loves it!

Thanks for sharing!

ellen said...

I love it! Can I come over for a tea party?!

love_suz said...

Wow! It looks new again. Of course A looks adorable playing tea!

Esther said...

How cute. Did you know that my 9 year old daughter still has tea parties for her teddies. (Say 'yay' to not growing up too quickly.)She'd love a table and chairs like those in her room.

Natalie said...

That is so cute. I loved my little table and chairs when I was little. Just wait until she starts playing teacher, then she will need a chalk board. You know they make chalk board paint!

Nana said...

Sooooo cute! Love how the table and chairs turned out. You are a busy Mama. Love that little girl even more.

Johnson Family said...

That is so awesome!! It turned out beautifully.

Sweeney Household said...

Well done! She is so adorable. Those photos could be in a PBK magazine.