Saturday, November 21, 2009

Please Pass the Cheese! (Not the Biggest Twilight Fan- To Say the Least)

Is this all I blog about anymore- going to movies?! So, I went to see this last night. I don't want to upset my Twilight fan friends, so all I will say is that it was fun to get together and have a night out with a bunch of friends- something I rarely do. So, in a social sense I liked the movie. I have a friend who put together a whole New Moon pre-movie party complete with edible New Moon cupcake pictures, decorations, and party favors. She is a serious, die-hard fan! I wish I had taken some pictures because it was pretty over the top .
As for the movie itself- well, it was a melodramatic eye roller that's for sure, but the werewolves spiced it up a little. Let's put it this way- if I was 15, I'm sure I'd think it was the best thing ever. Oh, and yes, the guys are cute and all, but considering one of them is only a year older than my oldest son, I'm not feeling the attraction like all of these other ladies. That would be pretty gross!

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