Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Hampshire

The fam overlooking the beautiful White Mountains:

Is this trip wearing you out yet? Stop complaining! At least you aren't cooped up in the car with a bunch of kids whining, fighting, and complaining about being hungry the whole time!No, you are taking this trip the easy way, believe me!

So we headed out of Maine and onto the Kankamagas trail that goes through part of the White Mountains in NH. All throughout NH and VT, there are these rocky streams and rivers. Pretty much the whole time you are driving, they are on one side of you. There are lots of pretty waterfalls, and I love to see the reflections of the fall color in the water.

At least one kid is willing to pose for photos once in a while!

It's a good idea to click on these pictures and see them full size to get the full impact of all the beauty!


There's nothing the boys like better than climbing around on a bunch of big rocks!

Pictures are not quite the same as being there and being surrounded on all sides, but you get the general idea.

No matter how many leaves I see, I still can't get tired of the colors. I love it when you see one tree with all the bright fall colors and still some green too, it makes for a gorgeous contrast.

I can't remember the names of all the scenic stops we made, but this one was called Rocky Gorge.

I loved this cool, gnarly old weathered wood, tree roots that tipped over a long time ago.

Remember the rule: You must have one pouty kid per picture!
What a pretty place.

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