Sunday, November 01, 2009

Lobstah Dinnah

So after we went to Acadia, we drove down through Bar Harbor, and then found this "Lobster Pound" place to have dinner. Here is how it works:

It's basically just this little shack, and you go in and tell the guy what size lobster you want, and he picks one out of a the cooler. The corn and lobster go together into a little net bag,

and then he takes them out and plops them into the big pots outside (sorry guys!) and you wait for your lobster to be ready.

This is how the boys wait for stuff.

Then they serve you your dinner in a big roasting pan to contain all the mess and shells.

Mmm, so yummy! The tail is the part I like. This was a big treat for us because we normally only get lobster once a year, at the clambake.

The younger boys don't like lobster so after dinner we went to Walmart and got them giant sandwiches!

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Sweetpea said...

Aubrey looks really scared of the lobster, was that her first lobster experience? Yum.