Saturday, November 14, 2009

The End of the World!

Last night I went to see this:

This morning I went out and bought a bunch of this:

You can never be too prepared for the end of the world!

I'm a fan of the whole disaster/ end of the world movie genre, and this one didn't disappoint! It was an earth-shaking, volcano-exploding, cities-sliding-into-the-ocean good time!

(don't get me wrong- I don't like it when these things really happen, just in the movies!)


Esther said...

I, too, love a good disaster movie. I watched Knowing last night which wasn't too bad but I prefer the slighty cheesy Hollywood ones like Day After Tomorrow, than ones that are a bit too spooky. Can't wait to see 2012.

Allison and Nathan said...

You're a nut! Disaster movies make me uneasy - I keep thinking "How many people are dying?"

Natalie said...

I totally thought of you when I saw this preview. I wondered if you would go see it. I'm with Allison, they make me uneasy. I just watched Julie & Julia and loved it.

jerilyn said...

Oh, this makes me want to see 2012 - it looks fabulous and loud!

love_suz said...
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love_suz said...

Ugh...not a fan.
Seems like millions of others agree with you though.