Saturday, October 31, 2009

One Morning in Maine

The second day of our trip we spent the morning in Camden, one of our favorite places from our trip last year. The little harbor there is so pretty and picturesque.

Heaven forbid my kids actually all look at the camera and smile for ONE picture. No, that would be way too much to ask! I think it's a kid conspiracy.

I love this waterfall and little restaurant where you can eat right above it.

We got to go visit our favorite cows again. Once again, of course, one of the boys had to take a picture of cow poop. I'll spare you that one!

We saw such pretty color on this trip, I just can't get enough of the fall colors.

The kids will always find creative ways to entertain themselves!


Jamie said...

Lovely pictures! We love the Camden area. It has been a couple of years since we've been down that way and your photos make me want to go back soon!

rebecca said...

That picture of your kids would be a hilarious Christmas card we ALL can relate too.

I {heart} Maine too!