Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day of School

8th grader

11th grader

First grader

Fifth Grader

They said they weren't happy to go back, but they look pretty excited to me!

She wishes she could go to school with her brothers too.

But lucky for me she gets to stay home with mommy all day!

By the time school started we were all more than ready for everyone to go back. It was a long summer and we were all getting a little stir crazy! Summer ended quickly with a cold snap that started right when it was time for school, so perfect timing. It's been almost two weeks now and everyone seems to be really happy and liking their teachers/classes/friends and all of that. All I have to say when I look at these pictures of the boys is, time flies!


Kate said...

What a good looking group! How time flies!

Sweetpea said...

They are so big! I love all their cute faces.

Allison and Nathan said...

I love the kids faces peeking out of the window in some of the pictures. That's exactly how our back-to-school pics look this year - i just cropped them out for the blog!