Monday, September 21, 2009

Belated Birthday #3

I have to tell you that we didn't have the best of luck for this little gal's 2nd birthday. We planned her party a few days early for Sunday right after church when the cousins would still be here, they were flying home later that afternoon. I woke up feeling not so great but went to church anyway since it was my oldest son's first time blessing the sacrament at church, so I didn't want to miss that. AND my mom, sisters and I were supposed to be singing in church. The longer I sat there, the more the pain in my stomach grew, but I sang anyway, and then booked it out of there! By the time we got home I was in serious pain and throwing up- it was so awful! So we had all of this food ready to bbq and feed the whole family, so we decided to just go ahead with it since the cousins were leaving. Otherwise I would never have had a party when I was feeling that horrible! So anyway, needless to say I didn't get to enjoy the party at all, I just kind of laid there trying not to moan and didn't eat one bite of the yummy food we made, or of the pretty cake my sister made. It was kind of a bummer, for me, although I think she still had a good time and that's what matters! Oh, and that's why the pictures of her bday are not that great, I was taking them (don't ask me why) and in that state, I didn't do the best job ever!
Since we'd already had the party we were keeping her actual bday pretty lowkey. We opened some presents in the morning before Daddy left for work, and then I planned to take her to the beach (our little town beach where we pretty much spent our whole summer!) since it is her absolute most favorite place to be. So we get to the beach, and my kids had literally just gotten in the water when the lifeguards heard a clap of thunder and sent us all out of the water Within 5 minutes we were in the middle of a torrential downpour and had to race to the car and still got absolutely soaked! So, a birthday full of snafus, but she went ahead and turned two despite them!
She got some adorable clothes and the cutest socks from her Great Grandma with little beads crocheted on them in all the colors of the rainbow. I love those! She also got lots of pretend food and some dishes and she loves to "cook" with them and push them around in her shopping cart.
My hubby celebrated his 42nd bday a week later with his usual carrot cake, and we actually got to go on a date. Once again we survived the summer o' birthdays!


Sweetpea said...

So sorry you had to put on a party all because we were still hanging around! It was stinky timing, I wish you hadn't felt so awful. But we all had fun! We miss you.

Allison and Nathan said...

Happy Birthday to all! Sorry you were so sick. Ewwwww!