Monday, September 21, 2009

Belated Birthday #1

This is for Nat who asked for pictures of the kids' bdays. We have a LOT of birthdays in the summer in our family. Four within 4 weeks, so it's always quite a whirlwind! So this big guy turned 16! Here you actually have to be 16&1/2 to drive, so he's not driving yet, but it won't be long (scary!). He is also technically old enough to date according to church standards, but I think that may not happen until the driving thing too. Because, who wants to take a date on the bus? Or worse yet, have your dorky parents drive you?!
He was doing wrestling camp during the week of his birthday, so he came home at about 10pm after wrestling all day and we did a quick celebration. Later when that was all done, we went to see the Harry Potter movie. Those movies and books have always coincided with his bday so we've usually had a HP-themed celebration. He's a great kid and I can't believe I have a kid who is 16 and halfway through High School!