Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vintage Bobbins

When I saw this on the Bunny Hill blog yesterday, I actually gasped! They weren't up on the website for sale yet, but when I checked back tonight, there they were. Yes, I bought some- you had to ask?! I've been wanting some of these for a very long time. I've picked them up at antique stores or country stores before in the past, but always passed up buying them thinking, no I shouldn't spend the money on that. At this point, they are not so easy to find and don't pop up as often as I remember back then. In more recent years, I've often thought- why the heck didn't I just buy some of the darn things way back when they were plentiful and cheap?! Anyhoo, I decided that the time was now, and I am excited about it. I'm only sharing this information with you now because I already bought the ones I wanted!(although I'm tempted to go back and get one or two more...) So anyway, if you love these as much as I do, hop on over to Bunny Hill website because they are selling fast!

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Kristin said...

I almost got some of these at the International Quilt Market in Long Beach! I picked them up and put them back several times! It is the one thing I keep kicking myself for not getting! I love how they have such great taste:)