Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Shower

My sister in law Suzi had a baby shower for Nat and baby Duncan. I made a few decorations and sent them out to AZ for the shower. Some more of the onesies like the other ones I made a few months ago, but in newborn size. Using them as decoration is a great idea! If you click on the picture you can see them better. I love the little tie especially. I got some of the patterns, like the elephant and duck from this blog: Amazing Mae. I love making these and have made some more for some other new babies I know.
I also made this cute banner. The colors for Duncan's room are sage green and white, I also added some blue and really pale yellow. I found the most adorable fabric for this in the perfect colors, I may just have to make a whole quilt out of these colors! I made this one two sided so you don't see the wrong side of the fabric on one side like on the one I made for my little gal's first bday. So basically, I cut triangles out of fabric with the wrong sides together, about 7" across on the wide part (I just marked the middle on the pattern and drew lines down to the point to make the triangle). Then I sewed the edges with a zig zag stitch, and sewed them all to the bias tape also with the zig zag. I love these because unlike other party decor like streamers that you just throw away when you're done, this you can use over and over. The other one I made has also been used for my nieces bday and a couple of other baby showers. I think Nat is going to hang it in the baby's room too.

And here is the little guy himself! He now weighs over 6 lb and will probably come home sometime this week. He is off his oxygen and doing really well. It's really a miracle and an answer to prayer how well he has done after being born so early. He sure is a little cutie, and the family genes really shine through on this little guy. He looks a lot like my husband as a baby.
I'll be so excited when he gets to go home and things can go back to normal for Nat. Well, as normal as things can be with a newborn in the house!


Nana said...

Duncan was off the Oxygen for two days and had to go back on it Sun. But he will still probably come home this week depending on his eye exam that is tomorrow. We are praying that he will come home Thur or Fri. He is a cutie and yes those family genes on the mothers side are strong!

Nana said...

Oh I forgot to say how cute the decorations were and I love the tie one also!But you d a great job on all of them. I am very impressed with all the sewing projects you do.

traci said...

Your onesies are so awesome. Aren't they addictive? I just keep waiting for reasons to make more. I wish your family well as your nephew? progresses and comes home from the hospital.

Kate said...

Such cute decorations and onesies! I have been keeping up with baby's progress, I wish them lots of luck this week!

Dantzel said...

The little onesies you did for Jenna are adorable. You are amazing and I miss you!!