Thursday, July 23, 2009

Small Changes...

Can have a big impact.

Here are a few small changes I've made in my kitchen lately, courtesy mostly of the Christmas Tree Shop as I mentioned the other day. First of all, I've always loved the look of hanging plates. I've been inspired lately by a lot of hanging plate pictures on people's blogs like these:
Anyone Can Quilt (a LOT to love on this blog, while you're there check out her sewing room and newly made vintage sheet quilt. I like how she's mixed up all different sizes and colors of plates)

So, the above picture is my first attempt at hanging a little yard sale plate (the blue) along with a 99cent X-mas tree shop find (the white). I used the Command strips to hang them and it worked great. I just love the look and see many more plates on my wall in my future. Esp someday when I have a bit more wall space! Actually, I have already spray painted a couple for my living room. I just love this idea for decorating for cheap, cheap, cheap. You can find really cute plates or just use what you have for practically nothing. In fact, the command strips cost more than the plates themselves (those things aren't super cheap, but I think they're worth it not to have to put holes in the wall). I really like the idea of hanging things in unexpected places, like under the counters instead of just the regular wall areas. It gives it a really cozy feel.

I love having space to decorate above cabinets. It's pretty much a necessity for me since my kids will destroy anything within their reach! Plus I usually don't have a lot of surface spaces and this is a great way to add a whole lot more decor without cluttering up your counter tops or other areas. (between my bad lighting and awkward angles in my kitchen, it's hard to get a really good picture, but hopefully you get the idea)

I already liked these above cabinet spaces in my kitchen, but they were a bit cold looking. All the black, metal and glass was there but now I like how the white softens it up and gives it a little more of a cottage feel. Just moved some things around and added a pitcher and platter from Xmas Tree Shop (cost about $2), plus threw some white Target dollar section bowls I already had up there. Got this white wire cake stand from Target after Easter clearance. The hatbox and rusty fan are neighborhood castoffs I've had for a long while.

The canning jars a friend from church was giving away, they have the old style metal on them and acual glass lids! What else might you wonder about that's up there? Oh, the little vintage lamb chocolate mold I got at an antique shop in Concord, and the red handled sifter I got at a second hand store in Palmyra. Got a red handled rolling pin that I hang on the wall too, although you can't see that in the picture.
You can get creative and decorate with pretty much whatever you have. Dig out some of your cute dishes or other stuff that is normally hidden away in your cabinets and put it out on display, hang it on the walls, or whatever! I love this idea of hanging baskets on the walls too.

Besides hanging plates on the wall, a new favorite thing is plate racks for displaying plates of all sizes, or you could use them for framed items too like photos, paintings, or stitchery. Both of my little black wire chairs I already had and got on sale at a little shop in my town a few years ago. A little easel can make a photograph or painting have a lot more of an impact also, I do that with framed photos sometimes (you can get really cheap little easels at IKEA).

I love my Williams-Sonoma outlet cookie jar too (I've had that for a while). Of course, being down low it got broken within days of coming home, but I just turn it around to hide the little chip. See what I mean? I wasn't kidding about my kids breaking everything within their reach! In one of those pictures up there you see my sugar bowl turned at a weird angle, that is because my little gal just broke the handle the other day, a major bummer since it was my grandmother's.
Another little tip (none of these ideas are original, you can read this anywhere) is to vary the heights and textures of things. Just mix it up until it looks good to you, and you can use old books or other things to vary heights of things you want to display.

Well, I hope you're inspired to make some small (and cheap!) changes in your kitchen, to make it more YOU.


NanaPeggy said...

Very chic! Can you come over and do some decorating at my house?

Natalie said...

I have always loved that kitchen. I love the color it is painted and all your decorations look great too. I love using cake stands to decorate. So cute.