Saturday, July 11, 2009

Patriotic Decor

My GIANT metal star, now gracing

the side of the house on my back porch:


Can't get enough wreaths:

I found some fun patriotic decor at the Christmas Tree Shop this year. I hadn't been to that place in a long time. You can find lots of cute stuff there for WICKED cheap! Stuff that of course, you absolutely can't live without! That's my only problem when things are cheap- I buy a lot of it, therefore making it not so cheap. Their slogan is "Don't you just love a bargain?" Uh, yes, I do!

So anyway, I love holiday decorations that can be used for a whole season, not just for the specific holiday, like pumpkins that can be used for all of October and November, rather than just things specific to Halloween or Thanksgiving. As far as I'm concerned, between Memorial Day and the 4th of July- and Pioneer Day for us Mormons- the theme of the whole summer is down home patriotic/country/Americana style! As far as I'm concerned, this stuff is always in style anyway.

I love decorating with stars and I can't get enough twig wreaths either, as you can see. The CTS is a great place to find both of these. In fact, really the only thing I was actually looking for there was a big red metal star. I love the huge one I found for the outside, still searching for a slightly smaller red one for the inside. I did find a faux tin black star that is now hanging in my living room, and a star mirror who's location is still to be determined. I love this wreath with it's little tiny fabric stars:

It was hard to get such a close up detail shot of it, but here you can see the little stars and red white and blue berries.

I also liked this fabric flag with the pledge of alligence on it:

These two items fall into the category of things that I might say, "I'm not buying that because I could make it myself," if it were in an expensive store, but considering that I didn't pay more than $6 for anything I bought there, I think it was worth buying not making this time! I don't think I could make either of these items without spending at least what I paid on supplies, never mind the fact that saying I could make something doesn't mean I actually would! Sometimes it's just easier to give yourself a break and just pay someone else to do the work. I guess the last time I made any Americana type stuff is a couple of years ago when I made this quilt and pillows.

And this little flag was in the $1 section so of course it had to come home with me :

So, these things will be hanging in my home for the summer, and possibly beyond. When I was blog surfing post-4th holiday, I came across some projects I just LOVE and will definitely try for next year, or maybe even the rest of this patriotic summer season:

Beadboard Flag- I love this lady, she has a ton of great project inspiration on her blog.

Window Flag- also from Joys of Home, I think this is genius. This is why I love reading blogs, I would never think to do this, but I love it!

These patriotic flags- sew simple, yet so cute! From one of my new favorite blogs- Something to Do. I like everything she does! And check out her new sewing room while you're there, it's to die for.

Painted Wooden Flag, and Rag Garland- love them both, Jamie is so creative.

I like projects that are creative yet simple and easy, and also versatile and all of these fit that bill. I'm also thinking about doing an Americana/Patriotic style bedroom for two of my boys, using this quilt I made a long time ago as the basis of my inspiration. So, a lot of these holiday things could be used year round there as well.

As I say often, so many projects, so little time!


ellen said...

I love all the cool ideas!

scrapsidaisy said... little time....that is always my problem too!! I LOVE these ideas and have bookmarked those blogs. (That beadboard flag is awesome! I definitely want to make one of those for next year.)

I love Americana decorations and I keep them out from Memorial day until at least august. I have Jared and Gabes room decorated in an Americana theme all year and I always take stuff out of their room to use downstairs during the summer, I guess I just need to make more stuff!!!