Sunday, July 12, 2009


Parade of Quilts

I thought it might be fun to participate in Camille's "Parade of Quilts." You're supposed to share your first quilt, and then your most recent quilt, and I guess see how you've progressed as a quilter. It's not too late, I think the links are supposed to be sent by tomorrow (Monday), so if you're a quilter, join in! I'm excited to check out all the other entries.

So, here are a couple of pictures of my first quilt I ever made. I still really like it! A friend told me it looked like something out of a Pottery Barn catalogue once, which was a great compliment! It was made from recycled clothing, jeans, khakis, and men's shirts. It's mostly dark reds, blues, and tans and some white, with a lot of star patterns in there. I'm planning to make a similar quilt for my other son and make their room sort of Americana-ish. I remember staying up sweating over this as I quilted it (literally- that denim is heavy!) until 1 or 2 in the morning because I was so excited to actually finish my first quilt I'd ever made all by myself from start to finish!

here's a close up:

Now here is the most recent quilt that I have finished. As you know, I have at least 3 other quilt projects in the works! This quilt is definitely a favorite. It's made with brushed cotton on the top, which feel like flannel but is a little lighter, and flannel on the back. It's so soft and cozy! Great for cuddling up on a cold New England winter evening!

The pattern is "Turning Twenty," a very easy pattern made with 20 fat quarters- the possibilities are endless! This is a great beginner quilt if you're just getting started quilting.

I don't know how well it shows up in the pictures, but this is the first quilt I had long arm quilted, or the first one I kept, actually. I love the colors in this quilt too, soft pastels but some khaki-ish greens and browns to make it not too sweet.

So, this isn't technically part of the Parade of Quilts "assignment," but I'm so excited about finishing my pinwheel quilt top, I just had to share a few photos!

I guess it's not technically finished because I'm still going to add a border to it. This quilt was inspired by Vanessa at V&Co. and her pinwheel quilts she's made. The minute I saw one of her pinwheel quilts I thought, I have to make one of those! So, I dropped what I was working on and dug out my two Allspice Tapestry charm packs and got to work. I used her tutorial for making pinwheels out of charm packs and white fabric, and was surprised at how much easier it was than it looked. That's one thing I've learned, when you see a pattern that looks so complicated, if you break it down by the block, a lot of times it's a lot simpler than it looks.

I think it's going to be really pretty once it's done. The colors in this fabric line are gorgeous, peachy pinks, cinnamon browns, and a robin's egg blue color that I just love- pretty similar to the color I painted my adirondack chair actually! I'm still trying to decide how to quilt it, any ideas? I was thinking of doing it myself, but it's tempting to just send it off to the long arm lady and be done with it! My quilting style has definitely evolved, I'm really interested in making classic quilt patterns with a modern twist. I love quilts with white background and an old fashioned block in a solid color, like red or blue, and I'd love to recreate some of those. Some other things I'd like to try- a 9 patch quilt and an Ohio star. I love any star quilt pattern!
One thing is for sure, I'll never be done quilting!!


LullabyLane said...

I love the red in your first quilt! And I am in love with your pinwheel quilt! You have totally inspired me to make one - the colors with the white just look incredible.

scrapsidaisy said...

Awesome job on the quilts. I love them!!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thanks for showing me the cabinet makeover, it is gorgeous! And I saved it to my Tumblr file. Great project.

Natalie said...

Those quilts are so beautiful. I love the pinwheel quilt-you have definetly become quite the quilter.

V and Co. said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! look at your adorable quilts! i LOVE the pinwheel!!!!
thanks for your comments i looked up the link you sent me (super cute btw!) and thanks for the nice comment about my new header. yeah i kind of miss being able to change it for seasons or just to change it whenever i want. i think i'm going to give that a try for a while!

Bowlby said...

Gorgeous quilts! I love the fabric choices in your Turning Twenty quilt. I need to put that one on my to-do list!

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

Hi Lady! Thanks for your sweet wishes on my blog. Yes, we belong to the same church...I'm in the Springfield stake. How about you? Drop me an email, and we can chat some more shabbynest (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Oh, and the green in my kitchen/dining is Ralph Lauren Cathedral Gray.

abeachcottage said...

well it is just what i AM looking for that first quilt, love the red with the blue, and yep like Pottery Barn for sure - I have been trawling ebay for a quilt kit cos I don't want to do the cutting and yet to find anything as nice as this


V and Co. said...

found it! i'll be adding this to my next show and tell and hopefully when felicia finishes with it i'll take a few pictures of it myself and send them to you if they turn out good! ;)-V

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