Wednesday, July 08, 2009


New Trash to Treasure Project

(from Country Living, I think)

After falling in love with these two drop leaf table pictures recently, lo and behold, what did I find discarded by the side of the road?

(from Simple Sparrow)

This little drop leaf table, in all it's ugly blue painted glory!

What a great helper! The dirt on her face proves it:

As you can see, it needs a bit of intervention. There was a warped, water damaged layer of cheapo plywood stuff on the tabletop (top and bottom, ugh) which my hubby was nice enough to spend a good chunk of time chiseling off. Here it is half chiseled:

*I love the detail on the little turned legs

It's a work in progress, but I think when it's all finished being sanded down, primed and painted, it's going to be awfully cute, a perfect place for a little white pitcher and some family photos, and a stack of books on the bottom shelf. Hopefully it will stop raining one of these days (it's been two weeks straight and we're all going a little stir crazy!) and I can get this project finished up and show you the final product!


scrapsidaisy said...

That table is darling! I love it!!

Natalie said...

Where do you go to find these things!?! All my neighbors really throw away crap-not stuff like that. I love that table-you should paint it the same color as the chair, that would be so pretty.

Olivia said...

lol i will try!!!! he wont he even grooms it!! EWWWW =P ansley omg she is sooo pretty she looks like nikki and jack!!