Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cherry Quilt and a Little Cutie

Last week, my husband suggested that, rather than start 2 or three new quilting projects, why didn't I try finishing up some already started ones? Hmm, what a good idea! Here is my first finished up quilt:

I made this quilt top last year for the little gal's first birthday, along with a whole ensemble of items using this pink cherry fabric. I think it may be one of my favorite fabrics of all time! I'm glad I bought tons of it, enough to make birthday presents, and three little girl dresses, and a quilt, because now you can find it in white but not pink at Joann's. I saw a cute idea for framing fabric yesterday, this one is a candidate for that. And of course we've all seen all the cute versions of fabric displayed in hoops, or stretched on a canvas. Anyhoo, I still have some left- maybe enough to make another dress. I'll save that project for next year!

I was going to be thrifty and use the red check I had left from the backing to bind it, but then I thought maybe I'd try something different, so at the last minute I ran over to my local quilt shop and bought some red. I love it! I think it frames the quilt and gives it a little pop, the red check would have been too boring.

she seems to like her new quilt:

I always learn something new with each quilting project. This quilt looks really cute, and it is fine for just a little quilt for dragging around, throwing down on the grass, but it's not really the best quality there is. This red check fabric from Joann's is a little cheapo and is really thin and frays easily. I think it's not 100% cotton. I probably should have found a red check of better quality. The cherry fabric is pretty sturdy. Also, I decided to use some polyester batting that was free to me, but I don't think I'll use it again. It doesn't have that soft, flexible, old-fashioned texture that just gets better with age and washing like cotton batting does.

It also has a lot of puckering in the back, and even a little on the front. I just read a tip about taping down the backing onto the floor before you pin the three layers together- that would have been a good idea. There is a line in "Alice in Wonderland" where Alice says something like:
"I always get good advice, but very seldom follow it."
Guess I'm a bit like Alice!

This babe slays me with her cuteness. She is the sweetest girl ever. Sometimes she'll do something irritating and I'll react with anger, and she'll say, "sorry Mama," so sweetly. Ouch. I need to realize how sensitive she is and be more sensitive back. She always wants to kiss all of your owies and she's so sweet to little babies and other kids. She is a gentle, nurturing soul. She loves shoes, popsicles (she'll break into the freezer to get them by hanging on the handles until it falls open!), baby dolls, corn on the cob and the beach. Got to get a pic of this girl in her bathing suit- most adorable sight ever! Her gorgeous hair just keeps getting longer, blonder and prettier. Sorry to brag, but it's all true! (I will save this to remember when she's a teenager and maybe not so sweet?!)
She'll be two next week- exciting and heartbreaking all in one.
I managed to get her to hold still for a few minutes yesterday when I was photographing her quilt. Just ignore the orange popsicle stains all over her face and arms! (she had just finished her 2nd one of the day) Black and white works wonders for that:

Can't get enough of this little gal, wish she'd quit growing so darn fast!


ellen said...

Ben is so old fashioned with his advice. :)

And A is Adorable!!

Kate said...

Both quilt and daughter are darling! She IS getting cuter and older!

V and Co. said...

oooooh my! i LOVE your header, LOVE your quilt, LOVE that adorable little model you have in front of that quilt, and LOVE your photgraphy. i'm glad i got the chance to saunter on over here and check out what you were up to! ;) -V

Natalie said...

Okay, I really wish you guys were here. I totally miss all of you and it kills me everytime I see her and how big she is getting. She is so beautiful. I really hope you guys get to see Duncan before he gets too big.

Shelly Beutler said...

It feels GOOD finishing a masterpiece, and I can tell you enjoy making them (your little girl included)! Loved the quilt! You must have lots of patience and creativity!

LPP RS said...

I would brag too if she were mine. She is beautiful!!! I love the quilts. Red and white is a favorite of mine.

Sweetpea said...

She does look like a model in that picture. Miss her already!

Nana said...

OMGoodness!!! What a bautiful child. Now I don't think I am at all prejudice do you? I can not wait until October. Love that cute little face.

Anny said...

Both are so adorable!

Allison said...

That quilt is darling, you'll learn a little with each one! That fabric you asked about is from Urban Chicks swell line, I think its discontinued, but the Sweet collection from them is out now and is very similar, thanks for saying hi! -Allison