Sunday, June 07, 2009

I Was Here Last Night:

And it was awesome! This was almost our view, except just shift to the left a little more. Hubby won some sweet seats at work the other day, like seats that we would never even dream of buying for ourselves. Like, seats that together cost at least as much as I spent on books my entire first year of college, and maybe more! He's on a realy winning streak lately!

Going to see the Sox play at Fenway is an experience as much as a baseball game. I admit that I am not the biggest sports fan in the world. In fact, a funny story to go with that. So, when I told my 13-year-old that Dad won tickets and he was taking ME to the game, he said to me, "Name three Red Sox baseball players." I was like, "Um, well, there's that one guy, what's his name...?" He starts to shake his head like I'm the most pathetic person on earth, and I say, "no, you know the guy with the bloody sock?" So the 13-year-old just shakes his head some more and is like, "He's not even on the team anymore! I can't believe YOU get to go to the game!"

So anyway, pathetic or not, I did go to the game. We had a great time, and I have to say that sitting at Fenway to watch a game is a totally different story than sitting at home watching the tv, which is, frankly, boring as heck! The crowd is sooo into the game, and it's always full, and people are happy and excited (esp when they are winning, which they did last night, 8-1) It was a really fun night -Big Papi hit his second home run of the season, the pitcher almost pitched a shutout, until the very last inning someone scored one run off of him, the weather was perfect and we had an awesome view! Doing the wave, singing "Sweet Caroline," and best of all, it was a whole night out alone without kids!

Oh, and speaking of baseball, and kids, my 5-year-old got two awesome hits at his t-ball game yesterday, and made a sweet play fielding a grounder and tossing it to first. They may make a Red Sox fan out of me, but my boys will always be my favorite players!

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Natalie said...

That is so awesome. I was jealous too. I told dad that when Duncan gets older I want to take him to Boston so we can go to a game at Fenway. I told you the whole experience of going is totally different, especially in Boston. Last year when we just went down there before the game was so cool. I was looking for you guys when they were showing highlights, but I don't think they showed your section.