Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't Blink, or You'll Miss Her:

I know these pictures aren't the best,

but with this one, you have to take what you can get
(when she saw this hammer she said,"This is Daddy's," then picked it up and wacked my table with it)
Most of the pictures I tried to take of her look more like this:
She doesn't hold still much

Doesn't she have pretty eyes though?

Love the supermodel-style hair too. Why can't my hair look like that?! People always ask if we had it cut in layers. No, it just grows that way naturally. Lucky duck.


Natalie said...

So cute. I love her eyes.

Amy Suzanne Denton said...

A. sure is beautiful! I am sad that she's gotten so big and I haven't even met her yet. :( But I hope to find out the next time you guys come to AZ and meet you over at Aunt Peg's. I never get phone calls when anyone comes into town, unless they're from my mom, which isn't always. But she really is so very pretty. I'm so happy you guys finally got a little girl. Are you done having kids yet?