Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quite a Week

Last Thursday my sister-in-law gave birth to her baby boy- over 3 months early. It was completely unexpected and we are just grateful that he arrived safely. He is very tiny, just over one and a half pounds, and twelve inches long, but is doing amazingly well considering his size and gestational age, but of course we are all still really worried about him. We are saying lots of prayers in his behalf around here, and I wanted to ask you all to keep him in your prayers as well. If my LDS friends and family could add his name to your Temple prayer list we'd appreciate it (you can email me to get his name, I didn't want to post it without permission). He has already been added to Boston, SLC, Mesa, and probably several others. Hopefully he will continue to grow and develop well, he is very cute and even with his tiny size we can see a family resemblance! There is a long road of recovery ahead but we all have a lot of faith in a Father in Heaven who is aware of everything that happens in our lives, who loves us as individuals, and has a plan for each of us.

                                  my friend Ellen P took this picture

In other news, we were at our Stake Conference on Sunday morning, which was being broadcast from Salt Lake. At the very end of the meeting, one of the Priesthood leaders stood up and announced that the Longfellow Park Building in Cambridge was on fire, and it looked like the entire building would be lost. It was such a shock, I wasn't sure if I had heard him correctly at first!
The fire alarm went off about halfway through the broadcast, the chapel was full of people there to watch it. Everyone got out safely which is a huge blessing. It is a sad loss for so many though. This was the first LDS church building built in New England, and is over 60 years old. It is the building where I attended church from birth until I was about 12 and they built a new chapel. I was baptized in the font there, and have so many childhood memories of Christmas Nativity parties, primary, the "spook alley" in the basement at Halloween parties, the sacrament table in the Junior Sunday School room (back in the day we had this on Sunday, and primary during the week, and you took the sacrament during jr. S. School), the fun rocks for climbing on the lawn outside, which seemed huge to me. The building has a beautiful magnolia tree on the side lawn, and I have pictures of me as a toddler standing under the blossoming tree in my Easter dress and little white gloves. Many people have been commenting on the round window in the chapel, and the New England style white steeple, it was very sad to see those damaged. It is a really sad situation, but on the other hand, the recent family events help keep things in perspective about what is really important.
You can go to my friend Ellen's blog to see some pictures of the chapel, and there is a Boston Globe article with other pictures and a video of the fire.

So, a thought provoking few days, and the main thought that I have is that I have so much to be grateful for, and that we truly have Heaven's blessings and protection with us all the time.

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Allison and Nathan said...

Losing that church building really is a shame. I checked out Ellen's blog. The church was gorgeous!