Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Quilt Project!

So now that you are updated on all the recent goings on in our neck of the woods, let's move on to some crafting!
A couple of months ago I discovered a new blog that I absolutely love called V. and Co. It might just be my favorite blog of all time! I just love Vanessa's style and taste, and all of her projects and creativity, and I've been really inspired by it. Plus she has tons of really fun tutorials and how-to's which is great. Besides all of that, she is a hoot!
There are lots (and lots!) of blogs I like, but many have kind of a more modern-type style. Which is fine, but I really like more of a country/cottagey type of style and when I started looking at all of Vanessa's photos I was like- that's totally me! If you haven't already, click on some of my links and check out V. and Co, you might just get inspired too.
So anyway, since I loved the blog so much, I actually went back and read all of the archives from the beginning. When I saw this Pinwheel Quilt she made from two Moda charm packs, along with easy instructions on how to make the block, I knew I wanted to make on of these quilts, like right now! I've always loved the pinwheel pattern and wanted to do a pinwheel quilt someday, but I thought they could be a little busy looking sometimes. What I love about Vanessa's quilt is that it has a plain white square in between each pieced block, which really shows off each individual pinwheel. A very simple idea, but I probably wouldn't have thought of it if I hadn't seen it done. I had these gorgeous Allspice Tapestry charm packs conveniently lying around, so I just had to go out and get some solid cream fabric to get started. I love the colors in the fabric, lots of pretty light pinks and a gorgeous blue color, plus the cinnamon brown and grassy green. Charm packs are great because you get a little piece of every fabric from the line, and in this one I like them all. So, here are the pinwheel blocks so far. I'm even having thoughts of quilting it myself- other than just x's or in the ditch. We'll see if I'm really brave enough to do that.
I realize that you might be thinking to yourself- doesn't she have another unfinished quilt laying around somewhere?! Well, ahem, yes, more than one actually! When it comes to crafting, I kind of just have to work on whatever I'm in the mood for when inspiration strikes!
Update on the Christmas quilt- the blocks are all sewn and I just have to sew the top together and send it off to my longarm quilter. It may actually be done by Christmas!


Stacey said...

I just wanted to give you the heads up that you won a cape in my Superhero capes giveaway!! I posted the winners yesterday, but I can see from your blog that life has kept you busy!! If you still want it let me know!!

NanaPeggy said...

Can't wait to see the finished project! Love the fabric. I have finished one quilt top this year and have 12 in the waiting line. I cut out some blocks for Duncan's Peter Rabbit quilt but that is as far as I have gotten. I hope that I will get it finished by August.