Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A Mini Project With Sneak Peak, and Weekend Report

Here's a picture of a little project I did over the weekend, in between all of my other projects that is. Last weekend I bought this little picture frame (for super cheap):
I liked the detail on it, but it was chipped and I thought it might be prettier painted white. So, I filled in the chips with putty, and then I got out my handy dandy spray paint can and sprayed it! Actually, I just used the can of primer, and then I was going to spray the actual paint over that. When I sprayed it, the primer kind of puddled in the grooves of the detail on the frame, so I started trying to wipe it off, and then realized that I liked the way it looked with some of the pinkish brown color coming through. So, I wiped a little more, and sanded it a little until I liked how it looked:

After that, I sprayed it with a clear satin finish, just so the paint wouldn't chip off too much. I think it turned out really cute, and you can't even tell where the little chips were.

The sneak peak is the table! Do you remember that little end table from the last post- the really ugly one? Well, I have had this little table for a long time. I got it from a neighbor around the corner. The wood on the lower shelf was all warped and totally ruined. I asked my friend Michelle, who is amazing with the power tools, if she could cut me out a piece of plywood to fit in there- this was well over a year ago. So, it's been sitting in my living room looking kind of sad for all that time. It was also really wobbly, so hubby tightened up the screws and put in a few new nails. Here it is so far, even with just the primer I think it looks so cute! It is amazing what a coat of paint can do. I have latex I was planning to use for all of my little tables, but using spray paint is so easy and quick, that I'm tempted to just get some white spray paint and be done with it. I've painted furniture with rollers and brushes before, and it is really hard to do it and make it look nice and smooth. I guess I'll try it, but if it doesn't look good, I'm breaking out the spray paint. It's my new favorite thing!

Here is a little picture of the frame detail all finished:

I had to putty the edges of the piece of wood added to the table since it was just cheapo plywood:

Once it's sanded down and painted, no one will ever know!

This has nothing to do with the rest of the post, I just felt like showing you my new Joann's find. I went to a fancy shmancy Joann's- ok, not really, but much bigger than the one I usually go to! I bought this in the home decor section, it was 50% off, I think it ended up being $5 or so so pretty darn cheap:

It looks cute hanging in my kitchen!

So, the status of all of my projects is- all three tables are sanded and have at least one coat of primer on them. Picture frame is done. A couple of other new projects are started. I decided to go ahead and paint this table white as originally planned- thanks for the comments btw! - although I was a little tempted to leave it like this:

I really liked the way it looked with the white legs, and I think if I had stained the top, it would have looked cute. Too late though, I've already primed the top! It's looking really cute white though too.

All of these projects have so many steps that take some time, so I'll be working on them into next weekend too, and then hopefully have some final after pictures to show!
And, just so you don't think we didn't have any fun this weekend, we also had a bbq with some fam, and took the boys to see this movie:

I thought it was awesome! I recommend it to everyone, even if you're not really much of a Trekkie. It was just a good action movie.

One final project we got started on this weekend:

I got this adirondack chair a couple of years ago. It's still pretty solid, but it was missing an arm. My same woodworking whiz friend cut out a new arm for me. It's been sitting there ever since, but this weekend, hubby reattached the arm. So, next Saturday I will once again be getting out the good ol' power sander and sand this baby down, and paint it. I think it's going to be pretty sweet, I just wish I had two of them!


Natalie said...

I like your projects. I would go straight for the spray paint. Suzi gave me a couple of tables and I did the same, sanded, primed and I spray painted and it looks really good. Don't mess with rollers. I like all your tables, they look really good. I also love the chair, you should paint it a different color other than white. Like Martha Stewart Green, or blue green; it would look really good.

rebecca said...

Your projects look like tons more fun than my weekend project...cleaning my basement. It's tempting to ban the kids from it; basement playrooms are too easy to ignore and let go. I paid the price and didn't do anything crafty...just cleaned and was glad for good weather so we could cook outside...no dirty dishes:) Have a great week!

V and Co. said...

no i'm not ignoring you i've just not had time to dedicate to email questions! but to answer this last question. if i use a flat or eggshell then i use a "clear" stain or a stain with some pigment like "american walnut" that gives you an antique dirty look. and i spread that one thin and wipe a lot of it off. i like the clear stuff and i don't think it really leaves too much of a yellow tinge but then again i like that! sorry to take so long to get back to you i was i just havent' had time! i really like your projects you've posted here!

V and Co. said...

hey no problem lady! ;)

Kate said...

Super cute stuff thanks for sharing!